Thursday, October 4, 2012

Looking Through Some Old Photos

Well, not "old" per se, just not new.

June 2011.
Lots of great things happened in June that I documented with my camera. It's times like these that I'm grateful for my camera-journal. I forgot half of this stuff even happened, let alone that they all happened in June!

  • Family portraits of the Ploeger Family (not pictured below)
  • Girls Camp (not pictured below)
  • Company golf tournament (not pictured below)
  • Katie and Eric's wedding (not really pictured below...just shots of the temple)
  • 1-year birthday party at Rock Canyon park (for June, I think)
  • A visit from the Vic & Mona fam (shots on the Heber Creeper)
  • Haskin family campout (this technically happened in July, since it was for the 4th of July, but it's in my June pictures folder, so I'm keeping it on the list)

Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple...AT NIGHT

That's Jeff and Dan making it a team effort to roll down the hill. And if you want to see some seriously sweet hill-rolling daring, check out Jeff as he takes a head-first leap down the hill, Princess-Bride style!

I call this: Waiting For A Train That Will Never Come
But mainly that's because they were waiting for the "men" to finish buying the tickets, and because the train was on the other side of the station, so technically, it never would get to where they were.

Playing an intricate game of dirt bingo. The rules are top secret, so I'll only say that it involves shovels, two toy cars, and a banana. And I've already said too much.

This is a still from Look Who's Talking 3.
And if you believed that, wait till you see my still of Home Alone 5.

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